Roberto Ramos Magdaleno


I am an economist a the Microeconomic Analysis Division of the Banco de España (Bank of Spain). 

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Policy-Oriented Work
Otras publicaciones
(en español)

Understanding the Public Sector Pay Gap (2017)
(with Maria M. Campos, Domenico Depalo, Evangelia Papapetrou, and Javier J. Pérez).
IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 2017, 6:7.
Previous version: [Banco de España Working Paper N. 1539].

Distortions and the Size Distribution of Plants: Evidence from Cross-Country Data (2015)
(with Manuel García-Santana).
SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, 2015, 6(3), 279-312.

Working Papers

Agglomeration by Export Destination: Evidence from Spain (2017)
(with Enrique Moral-Benito).
Previous version: [Banco de España Working Paper N. 1316
]. R&R.

Competition and the Welfare Gains from Transportation Infrastructure: Evidence from the Golden Quadrilateral of India (2017)
(with Jose Asturias and Manuel García-Santana).
CEPR Discussion Paper 11283. R&R.
[Online Appendix]
This project was awarded a PEDL grant from the CEPR [project page]
It has been awarded the Young Economist Prize at JEI 2015 (Universidad de Alicante).

The Output Effects of Tax Changes: Narrative Evidence from Spain (2017)
(with Paula Gil, Francisco Martí, Richard Morris and Javier J. Pérez).
Banco de España Working Paper No. 1721. R&R.

Growing Like Spain: 1995-2007 (2016)
(with Manuel García-SantanaEnrique Moral-Benito, and Josep Pijoan-Mas).
CEPR Discussion Paper 11144. R&R
[Article in The Economist]
Shortlisted for the 2016 Vanguardia de la Ciencia Award.

Banning US Foreign Bribery: Do US Firms Win? (2012)
CEMFI Working Paper No. 1309.

Do IMF Programs Stabilize the Economy? (2008)
Master's Thesis CEMFI No. 0805.