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I am the Structural Analysis Unit Head at the Banco de España (Bank of Spain). 

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contact: roberto.ramos[at]bde[dot]es


Reforming the Individual Income Tax in Spain (2020)
(with Nezih Guner and Javier Lopez-Segovia).
SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, December 2020, 11, 369-406.

Backing the Incumbent in Difficult Times: The Electoral Impact of Wildfires (2020)
(with Carlos Sanz).
Comparative Political Studies, March 2020, 53(3-4), 469-499.
[Working Paper].

Growing Like Spain: 1995-2007 (2020)
(with Manuel García-SantanaEnrique Moral-Benito, and Josep Pijoan-Mas).
International Economic Review, February 2020, 61(1), 384-416.
[Working Paper].
[Article in The Economist].

Competition and the Welfare Gains from Transportation Infrastructure: Evidence from the Golden Quadrilateral of India (2019).
(with Jose Asturias and Manuel García-Santana).
Journal of the European Economic Association, December 2019, 17(6), 1881-1940.
[Online Appendix].
[Working Paper].
This paper was awarded the European Economic Association Hicks-Tinbergen medal 2020.

The Spanish Personal Income Tax: Facts and Parametric Estimates (2019)
(with Esteban García-Miralles and Nezih Guner).
SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, November 2019, 10(3-4), 439-477.
[Online Appendix].

The Output Effects of Tax Changes: Narrative Evidence from Spain (2019)
with Paula Gil, Francisco Martí, Richard Morris and Javier J. Pérez).
SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, March 2019, 10(1), 1-23.
[Online Appendix].

Agglomeration by Export Destination: Evidence from Spain (2018)
(with Enrique Moral-Benito).
Journal of Economic Geography, May 2018, 18(3), 599-625.
[Working Paper].

Understanding the Public Sector Pay Gap (2017)
(with Maria M. Campos, Domenico Depalo, Evangelia Papapetrou, and Javier J. Pérez).
IZA Journal of Labor Policy, 2017, 6:7.

Distortions and the Size Distribution of Plants: Evidence from Cross-Country Data (2015)
(with Manuel García-Santana).
SERIEs - Journal of the Spanish Economic Association, August 2015, 6(3), 279-312.