Roberto Ramos Magdaleno

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Policy-Oriented Work

Microsimulation Tools for the Evaluation of Fiscal Policy Reforms at the Banco de España (2017)
(with Olympia Bover, José María Casado, Esteban García-Miralles and José María Labeaga).
Banco de España Occasional Paper No. 1707.

The Spanish Public Pension System: Current Situation, Challenges and Reform Alternatives (2017)
(with Pablo Hernández de Cos and Juan Francisco Jimeno).
Banco de España Occasional Paper No. 1701.

The Fiscal and Macroeconomic Effects of Government Wages and Employment Reform (2016)
(with Javier J. Pérez, Marie Aouriri, Maria M. Campos, Dmitrij Celov, Domenico Depalo, Evangelia Papapetrou, Jurga Pesliakaite and Marta Rodríguez-Vives).
European Central Bank Occasional Paper Series No. 176.
[Banco de España Occasional Paper No. 1607].

Changes in the structure and composition of public-sector employment during the crisis (2015)
(with Antonio Montesinos and Javier J. Pérez).
SEFO - Spanish Economic and Financial Outlook, 2015, 4(6), 59-71.

The New Revaluation and Sustainability Factor of the Spanish Pension System (2014).
Banco de España Economic Bulletin July-August 2014.